Established in 1977

Jaspare's Pizza and Fine Italian Food Established in 1977 If you can't take a culinary tour of Italy, you could always stop in at Jaspare's Pizza instead. That's because we source many of our ingredients directly from Italy, lending extra authenticity to our made-from-scratch sauces and rustic pastas. Our biggest draw—pizza—doesn't disappoint, either. Italian classics including the lightly baked Sicilian Style and the creamy Chicken Alfredo mingle on the menu with American inventions such as the Award Winning Sweet Memphis, which teams with barbecue sauce, chicken, ham, bacon, pineapple & mozzarella.


Jaspare Matranga started Jaspare's Pizza in 1977. He then sold it to his cousins, Gaspare and Bena Scavone in 1983. By adding "and Fine Italian Food" and extending the menu, they created the business that thrived into the new millenium! Todd Glenn, a native of Vicksburg, MI, worked as an employee for Jaspare's Pizza, from 1990-1993. Not wanting to get out of the business he loved, Todd occasionally would fill in at Jaspare's from 1993-1998, while he attended Grand Valley State University. In 2006 Todd came back to Jaspare's again, and purchased the Vicksburg, MI restaurant from Gaspare. With great ambition, and a passion for serving only the best for his customers, Todd started implementing changes and updates that helped the business prosper in the new millenium.

Jaspare's Portage location opened in 2009, featuring a lunch buffet, salad bar & fountain machine. It first opened on the corner of Kilgore and Sprinkle Road. Todd franchised the Portage location in 2010. The popularity of the Portage location prompted Todd to help the new owners move the store to a new location in 2011, just down the road, where it now serves almost 4 times as many patrons. Todd also franchised a store in Lawton, MI in 2010.


In July of 2011, Todd franchised a fourth location, on Gull Road in Kalamazoo, which features both a lunch buffet & full bar. In March of 2013, Todd franchised a fifth location, on Stadium Drive in Kalamazoo near Western Michigan University Campus. 1.1 miles East of US 131, located in The Stadium Shoppes, directly behind Biggby Coffee in the same building as The Secretary of State on Stadium Drive. A Sixth location was franchised in 2015, in Mendon, Michigan.


As it turns out, folks just can't get enough of Jaspare's! Congratulations to Todd and the Jaspare's Family. Jaspare's started with great food and is now bringing it to the masses!

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