We use fresh dough and make to order, no two pizzas will look the same. There may be bubbles & imperfections.

Since 1977, Jaspare's Pizza and Fine Italian Food has been serving up Award Winning Gourmet Pizza. Six different locations are available to serve you in Vicksburg, Portage, Lawton, Comstock, Kalamazoo & Mendon. And, with 5 sizes of pizza to choose from, you'll get the perfect size pizza for just you, or the entire family. Getting the right size saves you money and there's no waste.


The tomatoes we use in our sauce are grown in the lush valley in Modesto, California. And, since tomatoes love sunshine -- they get plenty of it. The growing season lasts about 77 days. Only the finest, juiciest tomatoes make it into our sauce. Once we've blended the tomatoes into a rich sauce, we add 12 different seasonings, over two pounds in all. And, I'll tell you - when it's done - the aroma will make your eyes roll up. My mouth waters up just thinking about it! Anyway, we promise you - this sauce is loaded with flavor! Not just sugar and tomato paste like the others use.

Also available, our Great Tasting Gluten Free Pizza and Fresh Pasta Dishes with our signature "made-from-scratch" sauces.


Jaspare's also features a variety of the Best Tasting Submarine Sandwiches to choose from including the one and only Made Man, made with our exclusive "family secret" homemade pizza sauce, mayo, pepperoni, ham, italian sausage, homemade meatballs & mozzarella cheese. This submarine sandwich along with 20 others are sure to make your mouth water.


All of our submarine sandwiches are made with the finest hand selected vegetables and the freshest, juiciest meats served on Italian Style fresh-toasted bread. A trip to Jaspare's would not be complete without an appetizer or dessert. Bread Sticks, Bread Sticks with Cheese, 3 Cheese Bread, Cinnamon Sticks and the Apple Cinnamon Streusal Dessert are made using dough that is prepared on premise daily. 

*Prices are subject to change per location*




• 14" 3-Topping Pizza

• Sm. 3-Cheese Bread

• 2-Liter of Soda


*Tax & Delivery Extra




• Two (2) Large

  2-Topping pizzas


*Tax & Delivery Extra




• 16" Two Topping Pizza

• Breadsticks w/ Cheese

• 2-Liter of Soda


*Tax & Delivery Extra


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